Apple iPhone 5s Sensors Are Jacked

Apple may have a problem on its hands. No, I take that back. Apple definitely has a problem. The only questions are how hard will it be to address, and how much will it cost Apple–in money and reputation?

I saw a report yesterday from VentureBeat claiming that the iPhone 5s sensors are jacked. That article cites a Gizmodo investigation, which includes a number of test scenarios demonstrating how the iPhone 5s is off a few degrees.

I decided to check myself. I opened an app on my iPhone 5s called “A Free Level”, and I found that the iPhone 5s reports my seemingly level desk as being off about 2.6 degrees. I grabbed my son’s iPhone 4s and checked the same desk with the same app–his iPhone showed my desk as level…

Read the full article on Forbes: Apple iPhone 5s Sensors Are Jacked

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