Citrix streamlines mobile productivity with new XenMobile


In case you haven’t been paying attention, the rules for IT admins have changed. Companies generally don’t call the shots any more for which technologies are used by employees, and the boundaries of the network have all but disappeared. Citrixrecognizes this culture shift and believes the latest release of its XenMobile platform is just what companies need.

XenMobile itself isn’t new. Citrix has been in the enterprise mobility management game for some time now. The new XenMobile, however, includes a number of new features and capabilities that make it easier for IT admins to manage and simpler for employees to use.

Citrix has enhanced the email and calendar capabilities of XenMobile. Rather than clicking a link that opens a meeting app then jumping through additional hoops to join the right meeting and enter any necessary credentials, XenMobile takes the mobile user straight from the meeting entry into the online meeting with a single click or tap. XenMobile can also auto-dial conference call numbers, including the associated participation code. Citrix has designed it to work with other online meeting platforms, such as WebEx, as well…

You can read the full article at PCWorld: Citrix streamlines mobile productivity with XenMobile.


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