Prepare for Cyber Monday security concerns

In a couple days the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving, and Black Friday—the official launch of the 2013 holiday season will go into high gear. Traditionally, the Monday following Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday—the day the online retailers offer holiday deals too good to pass up. Cyber criminals know this as well, though, which makes Cyber Monday a very risky proposition.

Last year, social Internet protection specialist BrandProtect found that nearly 3,000 fraudulent website domains were registered using Black Friday or Cyber Monday as identifying terms. Cyber Monday is used as bait for spam and phishing emails, and it infiltrates mobile apps and social media.

The excitement and anticipation of jumping on an awesome Cyber Monday deal before it sells out drives people to forego security best practices, or even basic common sense. They’ll install apps, open email attachments, and click on suspicious links without thinking twice all in the name of a great holiday bargain.

It’s a problem for the employees—especially in BYOD situations where the worker is using their own PC or mobile device to do their Cyber Monday shopping. It’s also a major concern for employers as questionable online behavior by employees exposes network resources and company data to risk.

Here are a few tips you can use to minimize your Cyber Monday risk:…

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