ShareFile to add storage options, iPhone app, and more

Thousands of Citrix customers and partners took over the Anaheim Convention Center this week for Citrix Synergy 2014. The annual event is a platform for Citrix to make big announcements and reveal new products and features, such as those it unveiled for ShareFile, its data storage and file sharing platform.

For starters, Citrix announced the ShareFile StorageZone Connectors SDK. ShareFile already has connectors for Microsoft SharePoint and network fileshares, but the new SDK will enable an IT department or third-party provider to develop connectors to link ShareFile with various data storage solutions. Citrix showed off connectors for Alfresco, Documentum, and Filenet.

Citrix also shared new ShareFile Personal Cloud Connectors. These connectors tie ShareFile to popular cloud storage platforms like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive. Citrix described a scenario where these connectors could be used to consolidate data to a central point where it can be more easily managed and secured. IT can enable the ShareFile Personal Cloud Connectors for a defined period of time to provide users an opportunity to seamlessly move data from their personal cloud accounts into ShareFile.

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