Does the Surface Pro 3 cost too much?

The Surface Pro 3 looks awesome, but it’s not cheap. It’s also not expensive, per se, compared against devices with similar features and functionality. Although the Surface Pro 3 is, in fact, a tablet, it has the form and function of an ultrabook–so Microsoft is attempting to re-position the device as a rival to the MacBook Air rather than competition for the iPad.

Personally, I think the pricing of the Surface Pro 3 is high, but reasonable. I definitely think you get adequate value for the investment, especially compared against other similar devices like a MacBook Air. Not everyone agrees.

Check out this article by Onuora Amobi from It includes my point of view as well: So can we talk about the pricing strategy for the Surface Pro 3?

What do you think? Are you planning to buy a Surface Pro 3, or do you think it’s too expensive? Let me know in the comments below what you think the target price should be–what price would make you definitely interested in buying one?

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