Review: Rydis H68 Pro Robot Vacuum

How often do you vacuum your floors? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a device that could just do that automatically for you–either while you’re asleep, or while you’re busy doing productive things of greater value? I think so.

I’ve been using the Rydis H68 Pro hybrid robot vacuum and mop from Moneual for a couple months now. In a nutshell, it does a very reasonable job of automating vacuuming, and it will probably work fine for many households, but there are six humans, six cats, four rabbits, and two dogs in my home–and that is a challenge for any vacuum or any size to keep up with.

I have experienced some issues unique to my household because of all the excess fur flying about, and there have been some quirky issues every so often. For the most part, though, the vacuum runs every day on a schedule–while I am lying comfortably in my bed–and I awake to a home that looks significantly better than it did before I started using the Rydis H68 Pro, and without the manual labor involved in vacuuming the house the old-fashioned way.

For all of the details of my experience with the Rydis H68 Pro, check out my complete review on Forbes: Rydis H68 Pro: Robot Vacuums Have Improved, But Have A Long Way To Go.

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