Comparing OneDrive for Business with Google Drive for Work

Microsoft announced in April that it is raising the OneDrive for Business storage for Office 365 business accounts to 1TB, and earlier this week that it will also bump the OneDrive storage to 1TB for Office 365 consumer accounts. At Google I/O this week, Google countered by announcing a new Drive for Work plan with unlimited data.

As I mentioned in my post on TechRepublic yesterday, there really isn’t any difference–practically speaking–between 1TB of storage and unlimited storage. Cloud storage itself has become a commodity, and the gigabytes or terabytes aren’t as relevant as what comes with it, and what you can do with it. The primary difference between 1TB of storage and unlimited storage is that “unlimited” sounds better from a marketing angle.

Both OneDrive for Business and Google Drive for Work include a number of controls and security features for IT admins, and integration with the respective productivity apps from each vendor. I examined the pros and cons of each, and how to choose which one is right for you in this PCWorld article.

Do you use cloud storage? Do you use one of these two services, or do you use something else like Box, or Dropbox? If you had to choose between OneDrive for Business and Drive for Work, which would you select and why?

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