Amazon Fire Phone can actually shake up the smartphone industry

There are already plenty of smartphone options out there, and more than enough companies fighting with each other to make the next great smartphone. It is understandable that the response to news of Amazon jumping into the fray with a smartphone of its own design was met with cynicism. However, Amazon is arguably the only company in a position to go head-to-head with Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market.

It’s not about the device itself. The Amazon Fire Phone has pretty good hardware specs, and seems at face value to be a well-engineered device, but most of the flagship smartphones are at this point. That is just expected–it’s table stakes to even play in this game.

Amazon has something almost no other company besides Apple has, though–an impeccable reputation for quality and service, and a large and loyal customer base. As long as Amazon creates a user experience worthy of the Amazon brand, smartphone rivals have reason to be concerned.

For more, read my article on Forbes: Why The Amazon Fire Phone Could Be A Smartphone Game Changer.

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