OneNote is the ambassador for Microsoft’s new strategy

OneNote keeps making headlines. This week Microsoft rolled out new versions for Mac OS X and iOS that bring a more complete, native experience to Apple device users. Microsoft has pushed OneNote out front as a sort of ambassador for its platform-agnostic strategy to ensure customers continue to rely on Microsoft no matter what platform or device they choose.

I wrote about the push to make OneNote the centerpiece of Microsoft’s new strategy:

OneNote is the crown jewel of Microsoft Office, and it’s the poster-child for Microsoft’s strategy of embracing all platforms. Microsoft has been rolling out new versions and expanding the capabilities of existing versions of OneNote for months, including a slew of new features for iOS and Mac OS X users.

Mary Jo Foley reported on the announcement from Microsoft and shared a list of the new and enhanced features for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions of OneNote. The changes don’t raise the bar or add anything groundbreaking for OneNote in general, but they do bring the iOS and Mac OneNote experience more in line with the native Windows and Windows Phone experience. In other words, the new features Microsoft unveiled help to ensure a more consistent experience for all users, regardless of which platform or device they choose.

As an avid user of OneNote, and someone who uses it across a multitude of platforms and devices, I’m excited about the new features. I love OneNote, and I appreciate that it’s available on different platforms and devices, but the gap in capabilities from one version to the next can be confusing and frustrating at times.

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Do you use OneNote? More importantly–do you rely onĀ it on platforms and devices other than Microsoft’s, like an iPad, or an Android smartphone? Let me know what you think of the changes Microsoft is making to the OneNote experience, and if you agree OneNote is a good representation of Microsoft’s new platform-agnostic approach in the comments.

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