Wait, maybe I want a larger iPhone 6 after all

I have been less than enthusiastic about speculation of a new, larger iPhone 6. In fact, I have engaged in many debates over the last couple years over exactly why I don’t think Apple should cave, or pander to that market segment. Lately, though, it has occurred to me that maybe a larger iPhone is not such a bad idea.

Current rumors suggest not one, but two larger iPhone models. TMZ.com even has what it claims are leaked photos of the upcoming iPhone 6. Assuming the rumors are accurate, and assuming that Apple also continues offering the current iPhone size as an option, we may soon be able to choose from small, medium, or large iPhone models.

I am generally opposed to the smartphones with thyroid conditions that Apple competitors like Samsung, LG, or even Nokia offer. Don’t even get me started on true phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note, or the Nokia Lumia 1520.

I had, however, already softened my position some on pandering to that market segment. I’m still adamantly opposed to Apple simply replacing the existing iPhone with a gargantuan model. I like the current size. It fits in a pocket nicely. It fits comfortably in, and can be navigated easily with one hand. It is a good size for a smartphone…for me. I have come to recognize, though, that there are many people who would love to have an iPhone, but prefer the larger form factor. So, I understand that Apple can potentially capture millions more customers by offering an iOS alternative to some of the massive smartphones offered by competitors.

I still didn’t want one, though.

Then, something occurred to me. A larger display means there is more space BEHIND the display. More [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]space behind the display means that Apple can also add a larger battery[/inlinetweet]. Now, THAT is something I can get behind.

I love the iPhone 5s, but battery life is an issue. A fully charged iPhone 5s struggles to get through a full day. If I don’t top it off at some point during the day, by dinner time I will start seeing low battery warnings, and odds are fair the device will run out of juice and shut down.

An iPhone with a larger display will also consume more power—lighting up that display is one of the biggest drains on the iPhone battery as it is. My hope, though, is that a larger iPhone with a larger battery would still include enough extra power to make a difference. Even a boost as small as about 10 or 15 percent would probably be enough for me to get through the whole day and return home without needing to recharge.

Supposedly we’ll find out soon what Apple has up its sleeve. For now, I’ll withhold my judgment, and stop being so condescending about the possibility of larger iPhone models. If it solves the battery life issue, I can be swayed to become a fan.

Do you think it makes sense for Apple to make a larger iPhone 6? Let me know in the comments…

4 thoughts on “Wait, maybe I want a larger iPhone 6 after all”

  1. Zero interest in a phablet. I also like the size of the 5s. I don’t have the battery issues you do as my phone seems to make it through the day just fine. My guess is that’s due to the fact I don’t use it as my primary phone while at work, so the battery doesn’t give me the 20% warning until bedtime. It honestly makes no difference to me if Apple wants to offer up a phablet, just so long as they continue to make iPhones that are similar in size to the 5s.

  2. I am definitely with you on continuing to make the current size. I am still undecided about the larger size for myself. I know there is a market there for that–but there is also a HUGE market (like the vast majority of current iPhone owners) who like the iPhone just the way it is. If Apple stops making the current size and ONLY offers a larger device, I think that will be a huge mistake.

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