Citrix ShareConnect brings your desktop to your tablet

Citrix announced a new tool today for ShareFile customers: Citrix ShareConnect. ShareConnect enables users to remotely access data and applications on their desktop PCs from an iPad or Android tablet.

Citrix didn’t just develop a remote desktop app, though. ShareConnect optimizes desktop software to make it tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom enabled, and it streamlines computing so that even processor-intensive desktop applications run smoothly from the mobile device.

I wrote about ShareConnect in this blog post:

In an ideal world, a tablet would be an extension of the PC—a device that is more portable, yet still enables users to continue work done while on the go. Tablets like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab do work in that capacity to an extent, but not seamlessly. Citrix is changing things, though, with the launch of Citrix ShareConnect, which it calls a remote access innovation that extends the promise of mobile workspaces on any device.

How does Citrix plan to achieve that goal? Citrix ShareConnect enables users to access and edit files stored on their desktop PCs, or run processor-intensive or industry-specific desktop applications directly from an iPad or Android tablet.

With ShareConnect, users don’t have to figure out how to save or sync files or find compatible alternatives to get work done. Users can simply use the applications and data they always use and pick up where they left off as they switch from desktop to tablet and back again.

ShareConnect has a clean user interface that has been optimized for both iOS and Android. Desktop applications become swipe, pinch, and zoom enabled, and function as if they were designed for a tablet in the first place.

Read the full post at PCWorld: Citrix ShareConnect extends the power of your PC to your tablet.

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