Review: Microlab FC60BT wireless speaker system

Boom, boom, boom. Because you know I’m all about that bass.

I love some wall-shaking, glass-rattling bass. I am not an audiophile per se, but I am discriminating enough to know that it’s not purely a function of power or volume. You need to have speakers that can handle the power, and produce clear sound at high volume.

The Microlab FC60BT wireless speaker system is beautiful. The white acrylic subwoofer, and the clear acrylic satellites look great as accents for a room. The sound is great–but not the best I’ve ever heard. Overall, though, I like the FC60BT wireless speaker system.

I wrote about my experience with the speakers in this blog post:

When it comes to speakers, I have relatively simple needs. They need to sound good. They need to look good. They need to cost less than a year of education at an Ivy League college. The Microlab FC60BT wireless speaker system meets all of those requirements.

I love music. I have about 10,000 songs spanning virtually all genres filling my network storage device. That said, I am not an audiophile or audio elitist. I can appreciate the difference between crappy speakers, and better speakers, but I am not discriminating enough to care about minor nuances, and I don’t care enough to spend more on speakers than I do buying a household appliance like a refrigerator. Oh! I also appreciate some bass that can rattle things off the shelves.

Specs and Features

The Microlab FC60BT is a three-piece, 105 watt wireless speaker system comprised of a large white subwoofer, and two clear acrylic satellite speakers. You can use it as a computer speaker system, but it is packaged more as a home entertainment sort of system, and the price is a bit steep if you just want computer speakers.

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