Security is imperative for Internet-of-Things and connected technologies

I am a huge fan of technology, and all of the ways it makes life simpler. I appreciate being able to view my home security cameras from a smartphone app, or ask my smartphone to read my text messages to me while I’m driving. I like fingerprint scanners and Apple Pay, and Nest thermostats, and all that stuff. Along with all of the whiz bang convenience, though, you have to consider just how much those technologies know about you, and the potential implications of a connected home or connected car being hacked.

I wrote a blog post about the importance of security for the future of technology:

A mixture of excitement and danger. No, I’m not talking about a theme-park thrill ride, I’m talking about the future of technology as seen by users surveyed for Intel Security’sSafeguarding the Future of Digital America in 2025. Here’s a peek at some of the things people think will happen within the next decade:

  • Two out of three consumers expect to access work data using facial or voice recognition
  • 60 percent of consumers believe cars will drive completely on autopilot
  • Seven out of ten survey participants think we will all have wearable devices by 2025 that actively monitor our health and vital signs.

Along with these advances, though, there are also security risks. For example, nearly half of those surveyed believe their families will be affected by cyberbullies in the next decade, and 68 percent think cybersecurity will remain a serious concern in 2025. If you consider how technology is rapidly connecting to and interacting with our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to see why security will still be a significant issue.

McAfee’s Peggy Baldwin explained in a blog post, “The insights that we were able to glean from this effort provide some interesting takeaways about how accepting consumers are toward connected technology, and just how aware users have become of the security problems that come with smart devices.”

You can read the complete post at PCWorld: Internet of Things security will be imperative as wearables, automobiles and more sign on.

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