Ken Cheney talks about Chef, HP, and enterprise DevOps

There are established players that are trusted by large enterprises, but are not as innovative, and there are innovative companies that want to tap the enterprise market, but lack the clout. That is why companies like Apple and IBM team up–Apple has the innovative technologies, and IBM has the enterprise credibility–and that is why companies like Chef and HP team up as well.

I spoke with Chef’s Ken Cheney about the HP partnership for this blog post:

HP and Chef issued a joint press release last week revealing their new partnership. HP Technology Services now offers Chef’s IT automation platform as part of its Datacenter Care service. The move is big news for both HP and Chef, and is yet another illustration of how DevOps is transforming enterprise IT.

The partnership makes sense. It’s hard to talk about DevOps without mentioning chef, and virtually impossible to talk about enterprise IT without bringing HP into the conversation. The press release explains, “Enterprises in every industry are under significant pressure to deliver on-demand digital products and services to remain competitive. In doing so, they are adopting web-scale practices, including DevOps, to create more agile and resilient infrastructure.”

How does bringing Chef into the mix enable HP to help its customers achieve those goals? With capabilities for high availability, replication, and analytics, as well as comprehensive integration with all major operating systems and cloud providers, Chef gives enterprises a comprehensive platform for automating IT infrastructure and application delivery across Windows, Linux, and Unix, whether in a local datacenter, or a cloud environment.

This isn’t the first big news of the year for Chef. Earlier this year microsoft jumped on the devops bandwagon by integrating Chef and Puppet Labs into the Azure cloud platform. Teaming up with HP is another significant rung on the ladder to making DevOps a mainstream enterprise concept.

Go to to read the full interview: Q&A with Ken Cheney: Chef and HP partner to bring DevOps to the enterprise.

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