Box raises the bar for security with Box Trust and Box EMM

Cloud storage in general seems to be increasingly commoditized, and enterprise cloud storage is starting to get more crowded, so Box has to do something to set itself apart from the pack, and provide some sort of unique value for customers. The announcement of Box Trust and Box EMM do just that.

I wrote a blog post about how Box Trust and Box EMM impact organizations that have embraced BYOD:

Organizations may tolerate, accept or embrace BYOD—letting employees use their own mobile devices for business purposes—but they all struggle with the blurred line of protecting company data without infringing on individual privacy. Box recently announced two initiatives—Box Trust, and Box for EMM—that promise to give Box’s customers and their employees some peace of mind when using BYOD. Box currently serves more than 27 million users across 240,000 businesses—including 99 percent of the Fortune 500.

Box announced Box Trust on December 9—unveiling an ecosystem of formidable security vendors: Symantec, Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, OpenDNS, Sumo Logic, Skyhigh Networks, HP, Okta, MobileIron, CipherCloud, Recommind, Ping Identity, Netskope, OneLogin, Guidance Software, and Code Green Networks are all part of the invitation-only Box Trust team, providing a comprehensive collection of data protection, governance, and compliance tools for Box customers.

In addition to Box Trust, Box also announced Box for EMM. Box for EMM is an app (available for iOS and Android) that allows businesses to select from and combine multiple mobile device management solutions based on their specific needs. Box for EMM can be restricted to send data only to other managed apps and remotely wipe app data, while enabling the organization to retain full ownership and control over original app licenses.

You can read the full story at PCWorld: Box’s Box Trust and Box EMM offer better BYOD security.

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