Tripwire offers wise insights and sage advice on cyber security

One of the biggest challenges in cyber security remains the language barrier between business and security. Executives and board members need to understand the security risks the company faces and how to avoid them, and security managers and professionals need to make sure that security controls help the company achieve business goals as well as defending against attacks.

Tripwire asked for input from a wide range of cyber security professionals and analysts (myself included) to try and help both sides understand why it’s important to improve the cyber security literacy of board members and executives.

The Tripwire post states:

Acknowledging this responsibility on the part of information security personnel, Tripwire has asked a number of prominent experts in the field how security teams can improve their executives’ cyber security literacy. These expert responses are presented below.

For more about the background and expertise of the many respected contributors, check out the post from Tripwire: Improving Cyber Security Literacy in Boards and Executives.

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