Cylance is taking its show on the road

Cylance is traveling across the country to 18 sites throughout March and April to demonstrate its security tools.

The Unbelievable Tour registration page makes it sound like a must-see event:

Everyone’s searching for it! A solution that CAN stop Advanced Threats. It all starts at the endpoint! Come see why attacks are getting through and see a LIVE attack scenario against all the major vendors in a city near you!

Most malware and exploit security tools are reactive. They rely on a threat first being discovered and analyzed so the tool can be updated with the necessary information to (hopefully) detect and block that same threat if it shows up again in the future. Cylance uses mathematical algorithms and machine learning for a proactive approach to security.

Last month Cylance became the first next-generation security vendor to be recognized by Microsoft as a valid defense against malware. Windows will recognize Cylance as an antimalware solution so the OS won’t keep notifying you that your PC is unprotected.

Cylance is so confident in CylancePROTECT that it will demonstrate how it performs against threats side-by-side with other competitors selected by the Unbelievable Tour audience. Attendees are also welcome to bring their own malware samples on a USB thumb drive–perhaps a sample of a threat that their existing security tool failed to detect.

Take a look at the Unbelievable Tour registration page to see if Cylance is coming to your town.

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