NEET M Cable Keeper

Review: NEET M Cable Keeper

Cords and cables have a mind of their own. You can set up a PC and meticulously string the various cords and cables from one device to another and within a day or two it will look like a pile of spaghetti. You can carefully wind and wrap cables to place in your computer bag and they will invariably intertwine themselves into a giant knotted mess. Having experienced the chaos of cable management I was very interested to take a look at the NEET M Cable Keeper.

The patented NEET M Cable Keeper is designed and assembled in California. The concept is elegant in its simplicity. Basically it is a three foot long strip of nylon mesh with a flexible wire embedded in it that you can zip up so it forms a sleeve around your cable. If you’re using thinner cables you might actually be able to squeeze two or three into one NEET.

There are three unique advantages to using the NEET M Cable Keeper:

1. Eliminate Cable Chaos

The bendable wire in the NEET enables it to maintain its shape. With the NEET you can bend and wind the cable to lay where you want it when it’s in use. You can also easily wind the cable up for storage in a drawer or computer bag without having to worry about untangling it next time you need it. NEET’s tagline is “No more tangles. GUARANTEED!”

2. Protect Cables

I generally wrap all of the cords and cables I store. Winding the cable tightly can lead to stress and fatigue that damages it over time. With the NEET the wire embedded in the sleeve bears the strain instead so your cable is protected. The nylon mesh sleeve also offers an extra layer of defense against household pets that like to chew through cords.

3. Identify Your Cable(s)

The NEET Cable Keeper is available in 11 different colors. Your white smartphone cable may look just like everyone else’s white smartphone cable, but there won’t be any mistaking your bright red NEET M Cable Keeper. You can also use multiple NEET M Cable Keepers in different colors for the cables connected to your devices so you can easily identify which one is which.


The NEET M Cable Keeper is an elegant solution to the cable management problem and it works as advertised. My only issue with it is the price. For the same $12 I could replace most cables two or three times. As noted above, though, the Neet M Cable Keeper does more than just protect the cable from wear and tear. Plus I’d rather not have to replace cables if I can avoid it. It’s definitely worth taking a look at, but I’d be more inclined to recommend it if it were under $10.

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