Facebook releases ‘On this Day’ personal history reminders

Facebook has officially added a new feature for its users to celebrate birthdays and other life milestones. The social network’s which was launched on Tuesday, borrows (or steals depending on your perspective) a page from the popular Timehop app. It keeps track of your anniversaries, birthdays and milestones posted on its platform and proceeds to remind you of special moments from your past via your news feed or mobile app.

Some Facebook users may have already come across the On this Day feature because it has been tested by Facebook for a while now. The feature showcases your special day with picture collages and a video reel. You can select the images to be included in the collage as well as the music that accompanies the video. Finally, the tool allows the user to share this special moment on his or her Facebook timeline.

There is currently no way for users to opt out of using the tool but Facebook has put plans in place to eliminate any awkwardness that may arise from adding photos that spark painful memories and sour relationships of the past. Facebook learned its lesson after its Year In Review app dredged up events that people would rather not reflect on or share on their social networks like the death of a loved one.

Facebook users are also given the option of reducing the frequency of On this Day updates in the News Feed. you can take minimize On This Day posts by simply turning notifications off and opting to view the days presented on your own private On this Day page. You can also delete any occasions or events you would not like to view again.

Have you noticed Facebook’s On this Day feature on your News Feed yet? Have you used the Timehop app? What do you think of the concept of highlighting moments from the past on your Facebook News Feed. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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