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Amazon Cloud Drive gets new unlimited storage plans

Healthy competition drives the tech industry. It seems that Amazon is keenly aware of the need to remain competitive when it comes to cloud data storage. The tech giant is following in Microsoft’s footsteps and offering unlimited storage on Amazon Cloud Drive for a reasonable cost.

Amazon’s Unlimited Everything plan means that users can now store all digital information and items on their own Amazon Cloud account for just $60 a year. This is peanuts compared to the pricing structure of its competitors. Dropbox costs $10 per month or $100 per year and Google Drive users pay $120 a year for a personal account with a limited 1TB of storage. Apple’s iCloud goes for a whopping $240 per year for that same 1TB.

For those who do not require an all-you-can-store solution, Amazon offers an Unlimited Photos storage plan for $12 per year. As the name implies you can store unlimited photos and it includes an additional 5GB you can use for videos or other general data. Amazon Prime members receive the Unlimited Photos plan for free.

Although Amazon Cloud Drive’s user interface may appear clunky or less intuitive when compared to the competition, the new pricing still looks very attractive for businesses and individuals who rely heavily on digital data for everyday working operations.

The new cloud storage plans may not be enough to boost Amazon. Dropbox is a household name for personal cloud storage and both iCloud and Google Drive have massive mobile device ecosystems to drive membership. The Amazon brand and Amazon Prime membership carry significant clout as well, though, and unlimited storage for half the cost of just 1TB is appealing.

The biggest rival for the new unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive will be Microsoft’s OneDrive. Microsoft offers unlimited OneDrive storage for Office 365 customers. It costs $70 per year for Office 365 Personal with unlimited OneDrive Storage. That is more expensive than Amazon’s plan by a little, but the value of the perks and benefits associated with Office 365 will be more attractive to many customers.

Are you an Amazon Cloud Drive user or Amazon Prime member? Do you plan to take advantage of the new Amazon Cloud Drive plans? Share your thoughts on why you think Amazon Cloud Drive is a good deal or why you still prefer competing cloud storage services in the comments below.

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