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Time to get an Apple Watch

Having a long and trailblazing track record of launching various products which set the market on fire, Apple has come out with a new gadget once again. The Apple Watch is just a new take on a very old concept, but in no way is it old wine in a new bottle.

This is the first completely new product launch since Tim took the reins of the company as CEO. Consumers were eager to get hold of the Apple Watch at the Sydney showroom of the Apple Store when the doors opened on April 10. Of course they can only touch and feel the watch, or wear it within the store right now.

They would still need to keep patient wait another fortnight when the online and retail sales would officially begin on the 24th of April. The company will launch the product for sale in major cities around the world on that date.

This product has just been launched at the right time when wearable gadgets are a trend in the market and several companies are offering products which help to keep a check on one’s health, listen to music and much more. The smartwatch from Apple also lets you pair with your iPhone and act as an extension of the device.

Experts say that this launch will not cause much disruption in the luxury watch segment. However it is expected that the Apple Watch will outperform competitors like Sony, Samsung and Fitbit which only received a lukewarm response from the market.

Apple has recommended that consumers not line up at the stores. It is emphasizing online sales as the best way to purchase a new Apple Watch. This is certainly a welcome development because most consumers prefer to purchase from the comfort of their desk at the click of a button rather than camping out at an Apple Store.

As far as the pricing of the new product goes, Apple Watch Sport pricing starts from $349 to $549 while the higher end 18K gold Apple Watch Edition models range between $10,000 and $17,000 USD. The relatively high price has not deterred diehard fans of Apple from wanting one, though.

It will be interesting to see how successful the Apple Watch launch is, and how well the new Apple gadget sells over time.

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