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Chrome browser for iOS gets a makeover

With many iPhone and iPad users still trying to settle down with the new iOS 8 version, Google has released updates to its Chrome browser for iOS to enable better compatibility with iOS 8. This has made it easy for iOS users to access Chrome and browse through various websites using just one hand.

Let’s check out the latest features such as the Today View Notification Center widget and other app extensions that have been added to Google Chrome for iOS.

Improved Multitasking for Users with Pull-Down Option

The newly added pull-down ability makes it easier to access Chrome on iOS without using two hands. This enables you to pull down in order to reload web pages, as well as open new tabs or close current tabs. It is now relatively easy to open links that have been copied from other apps as well. Thus, you only need one hand to access Chrome for multiple tasks, leaving your other hand free, which is especially handy on the go.

Today View Launcher Widget for Quick Search Launch

The updates for Chrome on iOS improve the browsing speed with a quick search function. A new Notification Center widget has been provided that allows users to start a new tab, as well as trigger voice searches directly from the Today View of the notification center. The widget also offers answers to frequently searched queries, thereby providing users an enriched browsing experience. This gives the Google Chrome browser an edge over other iOS-compatible browsers like Safari, as there is no such feature available in Apple’s built-in browser to quickly conduct a voice search.

Support for iOS App Extensions

Of all the updates to the Chrome browser the iOS extension support feature is perhaps the most important one. It enables the Chrome browser to be integrated with password managers such as LastPass and 1Password. These apps will now simplify the task of password entry in the Chrome browser. This is a big advantage for people who use Chrome on iOS as most of them find it difficult to deal with password entry on the small screen of a mobile phone. And in today’s Internet age where everyone has multiple user accounts with different sites or apps password maintenance is a top priority.

If you have already updated your iOS to version 8, then Chrome for iOS has some small surprises in store for you as discussed above. You can install these Chrome updates for free directly from the iTunes App Store.

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  1. Hey Rahul, nice article on Chrome for iOS. I’m really interested in seeing how the 1Password integration will work. That will be such a huge time saver!

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