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Android M: The latest Android version-in-waiting

With the tremendous success of the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system and the special liking users have shown toward its material design, Android lovers have become very excited about what Google could bring to the table with its next Android version.

This enthusiasm received a boost when Google hinted at the unveiling of Android M, the successor to Android Lollipop, while announcing the schedule for Google’s annual I/O conference to be held from May 28 – 29, 2015. As per the I/O Conference lineup of events published by Google on May 6, Android M OS may be introduced to the world on the second day of the event.

Following the Trend

If Google eventually unveils Android M during its I/O conference, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise. This is because it had revealed Android 5.0 Lollipop OS to the world during last year’s I/O event, so it may follow suit again by announcing the latest Android version for 2015 during the same event.

As Google’s I/O event is held annually for developers, Google used this platform last year to introduce the Android L developer preview version to enable its developers sufficient time to explore the new Android version and its material design language. Thus, we can expect Google to do the same this year by unveiling the Android M developer preview version for developers in May 2015.

Latest Android Version Name to Start with “M”

Though Google has now removed the Android M announcement labeled “Android for Work Update” from its schedule for the I/O conference, there’s a chance that it may still go ahead with the latest Android version announcement. The session post that was removed later stated, “Android M is bringing the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces.” This has confirmed one thing: Google’s next Android version will start with the letter “M.” And if the last few Android version names are anything to go by, it will be the name of a sweet like Lollipop, Kit Kat, or Jelly Bean.

Other Google Updates

It is clear that the major focus of the I/O annual event could be on Android M, but there are many other useful sessions scheduled for developers. As per Google, one can expect lots of new attractions for the enormous amount of work done to improve Android Lollipop as to notifications, interruptions from notifications, and similar issues.

Plans may be discussed for Skybox, the satellite company acquired by Google, to keep maps updated regularly and in more efficient ways. The lineup of events is huge, and many of the sessions would revolve around helping developers to ensure significant improvements for Android apps.

Even if Google launches the developer preview version of Android M during its I/O event, we may have to wait until its official public launch to know the name that starts with the letter “M.” Until then, you can keep guessing!

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