BlazeMeter adds continuous testing automation for DevOps environments

When you accelerate the development lifecycle you have to accelerate every aspect of it. Otherwise the part that isn’t accelerated becomes a bottleneck. The drive to automate and accelerate has transformed faster or more efficient tools and processes to simply “continuous”–including continuous testing. BlazeMeter has harnessed the power of the open source JMeter tool to deliver continuous testing for organizations that have embraced DevOps.

I wrote a blog post about the latest news from BlazeMeter:

DevOps is all about efficiency and automation—streamlining development and deployment. In order to deliver quality code quickly a culture of continuity is required—including continuous testing. BlazeMeter provides organizations with a platform for continuous performance testing in a DevOps environment.

BlazeMeter claims to be a more affordable—and in some ways more powerful—performance testing platform than HP LoadRunner. The platform isn’t completely unique. It is harnesses and repackages the features and capabilities of JMeter similar to the way that the very popular code repository GitHub is built on the open source Git project.

Open source projects are a very effective engine for creating tools and applications organizations need. The collaborative, crowd-sourced nature of open source projects leads to a solution that is more likely to appeal to a broad consensus. Where open source tools often fall short is in polish and support. Contributors are primarily focused on features and capabilities that impact the tool or platform itself. Organizations, however, also want the metrics and reporting generally provided by an independent software vendor (ISV) as well as the peace of mind of knowing where to turn for support.

That’s where a company like BlazeMeter shifts the value proposition and makes the open source tool better…for a fee. I’m not suggesting there is anything wrong with that. As I noted above, many organizations crave or demand a solution like BlazeMeter rather than the open source tool it’s built on because they need additional features and support.

I spoke with BlazeMeter Chief Evangelist Ophir Prusak about new features and capabilities introduced recently by BlazeMeter. Last week the company launched a new suite of features aimed specifically at test automation for a DevOps environment. The key features include KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Trends, which automatically display graphics of KPIs for easy tracking and troubleshooting; password-free Organizations and Projects folders, allowing DevOps teams to effectively collaborate and execute tests; a Single Sign-On, facilitating quick third party access and authentication; and an improved On Premise Load Generator with newer Docker-based technology, providing increased reliability and a simpler installation process.

You can see the full post on BlazeMeter harnesses open source to deliver continuous testing for DevOps.

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