iOS 9 insufficient space

New iOS 9 feature will delete apps automatically to install system updates

If you own an iPhone or iPad there’s a good chance you’ve run into the issue of not having enough storage space available to install an iOS update. It seems like Apple may finally have a solution for that problem—and no, it’s not that everyone should buy the 128GB iPhone so they have more space available. Developers running the Beta 2 of iOS 9 discovered a new feature that will allow the operating system to intelligently and temporarily delete apps, if you have too little space to perform a software update.

If there is no space to download the update, it will ask if you want to automatically delete apps to make space and then it will automatically re-install the apps once the update is complete. The best part is that the apps are restored without any loss of user data.

Other space-saving features introduced in iOS 9 are swift libraries built-in so that developers don’t have to include them with every app and “app thinning” which enables developers to free up space by installing only the necessary portions of apps for each device.

At WWDC Apple’s Craig Federighi revealed that iOS 9 will occupy only 1.3 GB of storage space on any supported iPad or iPhone. The news generated a lot of excitement as it is a huge improvement over iOS 8 which disappointed many users due to its large installation size. With this new auto app deletion feature it’s evident that the mobile behemoth is going to greater lengths to make iOS 9 much more space efficient.

So what’s your opinion about this new feature?

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