Learn the essential ABCs of backup and disaster recovery

Disasters will strike. Many data loss incidents are a result of human error or completely preventable but the simple truth is that some catastrophes simply can’t be avoided. Whether or not your business survives a catastrophic data loss and emerges on the other side to continue doing business or not may very well come down to how well you’ve backed up crucial data and prepared for such an event. A new white paper from Coretelligent (a sponsor of the TechSpective website) spells out the essentials of effective backup and disaster recovery to help you get it right.

A study by AXA–a global insurance group–found that 80 percent of businesses that suffer a major disaster go out of business within 18 months. According to the Journal of Accountancy, though, more than 60 percent of US small businesses don’t have a formal business continuity or disaster recovery plan in place. That doesn’t seem to bode well for small and medium businesses.

The Coretelligent white paper explains, “Despite the increasing occurrence of high profile natural disasters, data breaches and other incidents that spotlight the need for backup and disaster recovery (BDR) planning, an alarming number of organizations continue to put this critical activity on the backburner of corporate imperatives, notwithstanding the knowledge that a disastrous data outage could threaten their very existence.”

We’re not even necessarily talking just about hurricanes and fires, either. Businesses can lose critical data from human error, hardware failures, or malware attacks–especially ransomware attacks that encrypt data and hold it hostage until or unless the attackers are paid a ransom. You shouldn’t look at backup and disaster recovery as something you do to protect your business *if* a data loss incident occurs–you should look at it as preparing for the inevitable point *when* it will happen.

Are you prepared? It’s easier than you might think and the consequences of not having an effective backup and disaster recovery plan in place could be suicidal for your business.

Download the Coretelligent white paper to learn more: The ABCs of BDR: A Primary on the Essentials of Backup and Disaster Recovery.

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