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What to expect from the new iPhone 6S

Invitations went out recently for the imminent unveiling of the new iPhone–or at least that’s what we all expect from the upcoming September 9 Apple Event. Sadly, neither the fact that TechSpective is a tech media site nor the fact that I’ve been reporting on iPhone launches and Apple product events for the past eight years has managed to get me on the Apple PR radar so I’ll be watching  the live stream from Houston. Here is a little of what I expect from the event, though:

Ten days and counting to the big AppleAAPL -0.89% Event of 2015…or at least the big Apple Event of the second half of 2015. The world is waiting anxiously for the new iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 or whatever device Apple happens to unveil next week as leaks, rumors and speculation reach a fever pitch. Let’s take a quick look at what we know (or think we know) so far.

We know for a fact that Apple is hosting a media event on September 9 and that the star of that event is expected to be the latest and greatest iPhone models. I had speculated back when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were launched that Apple would eventually also offer a smaller “iPhone 6 Mini” or something to that effect in the smaller iPhone 5S size.

At the time I had predicted, “It’s possible that Apple will update the iPhone 5s with the improved features and updates of the iPhone 6 models in a future release, or develop a third iPhone 6 model the same size as the current iPhone 5s.” It makes sense to me from the standpoint that there is / was a market for a larger iPhone but the existing / previous size also had hundreds of millions of fans. So far, though, I haven’t even seen a reputable rumor to back up that prophecy.

If the whispers on the street are accurate the camera capabilities of the new iPhone may be enough to warrant an upgrade even if you just got your iPhone 6 last month. It is rumored to have a 12-megapixel rear camera (Don’t get too excited yet—megapixels sound good on marketing brochures but have very little to do with image quality), along with a better image signal processor (much more likely to impact the quality of your photos) and 4K video recording. The most exciting thing about the new camera, however, may be related to Apple’sacquisition of the Israel-based LinX Computational Imaging earlier this year and the SLR-like qualities Apple might be able to build it into an iPhone using that technology.

There has been speculation since Apple unveiled the new MacBook line earlier this year with the Force Touch touchpad that the technology will come to the iPhone as well. That seems like a reasonable expectation. Force Touch will allow the iPhone to detect how hard you’re pressing on the display and enable different actions depending on the force applied.

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