I am going to review LAZY-HANDS.  No, it’s not your hands that sit in your lap watching TV never to be used. These LAZY-HANDS are actually a product.

I will explain exactly what LAZY-HANDS are. It’s a two piece system you first have a Velcro strip that sticks to the back side of an electronic device such as an iPad, iPhone, Surface tablet, etc, and then you have the finger holes that go on your fingers and attach to the Velcro pad.

When I first received these in mail I about laughed and said “Are you serious?” But, they actually come in handy when using a large device such as a Surface Pro tablet.  You can can now easily carry it with one hand and without having your hand wrapped around the device–touching the screen and getting smudges all over it. It also enables you to keep your other hand free to interact with the device.

But they also offer versions specifically for smartphones. To me these are a waste of money, as you can pretty much hold any smartphone fine with one hand without the assistance of LAZY-HANDS.

Drop Protection

  • iPhone: Was able to hold out my hand with the iPhone screen facing down and the Velcro held on for over 20 minutes so it never dropped the iPhone.
  • iPad Mini: Same thing as the iPhone. I was able to hold it out without falling for over 20 minutes before stopped.
  • Galaxy Note 4: By now my hands are getting tired from being stretched out but I did this anyway. Again it held on to the device with no issue.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Now this is where it got interesting. After about 20 seconds I started to hear the rip of the Velcro separating and then about 30 seconds in the tablet fell.  Luckily, it just fell onto my nice soft couch.

In short, don’t expect LAZY-HANDS to keep your devices that you would actually use it for from falling to the ground. Based on that fact I give it a 1 out of 10 score on drop protection.


The price points for LAZY-HANDS range from $10 US for 2-finger loop smartphone grip to $27 US for the claim of a “heavy duty” Surface Pro grip. I don’t really see the benefit. You can get the finger holes in several different colors & designs, so I guess if you’re looking to make a fashion statement then maybe it makes some sense.

Personally, I wouldn’t spend over $8 US for the iPad model and $2 US for the smartphone ones. I only see people using these in the work place, such as a construction superintendent who has a device in one hand all day, or one of the people working at a mobile carrier store carrying an iPad around everywhere.

The average person just sitting on their couch, or in an office working at a desk doesn’t need one.

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