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You can bring ‘The Martian’ home on December 22

Save some room under the Christmas tree. 20th Century Fox just announced that The Martian will be available on Digital HD beginning on December 22.

Of course, you don’t need very much room under the tree to give the gift of streaming digital content. If you want the physical disc–either DVD or Blu-Ray–you’re going to have to wait until January 12.

The Martian has grossed more than $545 million worldwide so far–making it the highest grossing film ever from acclaimed director Ridley Scott. Without giving away too much, the basic premise is that astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead and left behind on the planet Mars. The movie revolves around his struggle to survive and to contact Earth, and the effort to devise a plan to rescue him and bring him home.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do. It is an awesome movie. My wife and I saw it, and then took the kids and watched it a second time.

The Martian will include more than 90 minutes of special features, including documentary-style interviews covering the “true” story behind the rescue seven years after the events of the film occurred.

Here is a breakdown of the special features:

  • Signal Acquired: Writing and Direction
    • Learn how the producers brought an acclaimed novel, a master director and a stellar cast together for THE MARTIAN.
  • Occupy Mars: Casting and Costumes
    • Matt Damon and his ensemble of incredibly talented actors discuss their roles in THE MARTIAN.
  • 5 Theatrical In-World Pieces
    • Ares III: Farewell
    • The Right Stuff
    • Ares: Our Greatest Adventure
    • Leave Your Mark
    • Bring Him Home
  • Ares III: Refocused
    • Seven years after the events of Ares 3, take a deeper look at the true story behind Mark Watney’s daring rescue
  • Gag Reel
  • Production Gallery

6 thoughts on “You can bring ‘The Martian’ home on December 22”

  1. The movie only came out two months ago, so not sure why the headline says “finally” available on DVD.

    1. It doesn’t. The headline says “You can bring ‘The Martian’ home on December 22”. Neither “finally” nor “DVD” are included in the headline. The only place the word “finally” appears is in your comment.

      1. Oops, you’re right. Sorry. The headline I saw was on a different story about the DVD release, and I responded to the wrong one.

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