Vera Streamlines Data Protection with IRM-as-a-Service

IRM-as-a-Service can improve data protection by making it easier to integrate IRM into new and existing applications and platforms. Once upon a time I was CMO for Zecurion–a company that focuses on data loss prevention–so I know a thing or two about data protection and information rights management. One thing I know is that it can be challenging to implement effectively, and even more challenging when you try to tack it on after the application or service is already developed.

Anyone who works in information security knows that security is often a treated as a token afterthought. It is the necessary evil that is begrudgingly tacked on with duct tape and chewing gum after a hot new product or technology gains mainstream acceptance. Anyone in information security also knows that security can be done more effectively, at lower cost and with fewer headaches, if it is built into the fabric of the product or technology in the first place. To that end, Vera has unveiled an information rights management (IRM) solution to make it easier for organizations and developers to weave security in from the ground up.

In most cases, security essentially boils down to data security. It’s nice to be able to prevent malware from infecting a laptop or prevent an attacker from compromising your network, but the real goal is to prevent the malware or attacker from gaining access to or exposing sensitive data. The ability to limit and control access to data, track who has accessed the data—including when and where—and monitor where that data goes and how it is used is crucial to providing security.

Vera’s core business is based on the notion of securing data no matter where it goes. Vera’s new product is IRM-as-a-Service (IRMaaS), which uses Vera’s software development kit (SDK) and RESTful APIs to allow developers to directly protect and manage access to data within custom-built applications. The ability to easily integrate IRM into an application and automate as much of it as possible has the potential to make better security accessible to a much larger audience.

“In today’s world, we can no longer afford to treat data security as an add-on or afterthought. Instead, we must establish a security model that can be woven directly into the enterprise software and hardware stack,” said Ajay Arora, CEO and co-founder of Vera, in a press release statement. “We’re building a future where businesses don’t have to worry about where their data travels or who has access. Our team is establishing Vera as the trusted standard for securing and sharing any type of business information. The next step in this journey is to make our IRM platform available as a service to anyone, because this kind of impenetrable and invisible security is key to the success of every business application.”

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