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Windows Store Tops 6.5 Billion Visits In Its First Year

Microsoft just launched a new summer promotion for Windows Store on the heels of sharing some data about how the Windows Store is doing so far. Microsoft seems to be working aggressively to attract both developers and customers–which will attract more developers–to grow and sustain the momentum for Windows 10 and the Windows Store.

Microsoft launched a new promotion for the Windows Store today to simultaneously celebrate the success the Windows Store has experienced so far, and kick off the summer season. The Ready, Set, Summer Collection includes deals on more than 100 apps in the Windows Store designed to help you enjoy your summer.

A blog post from Microsoft explains more about the Ready, Set, Summer promotion. You can pre-order blockbuster movies like Captain America: Civil War, or Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. You can get popular games like Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, or Candy Crush Soda Saga. There are plenty of games, music, and movies to keep you entertained and help you get the most out of your summer.

I had chance to talk with Lisa Gurry, Senior Director of Windows at Microsoft, earlier this week about the Windows Store. She shared with me that the Windows Store has already had more than 6.5 billion visits in just its first year. 6.5 billion…with a “B”. That is roughly equivalent to the entire population of planet Earth. That is almost 18 million visits per day, more than 742,000 per hour, and more than 200 per second. Not too shabby.

In terms of total volume of apps, Microsoft lags behind established leaders like the Apple App Store, and Google Play. The traffic numbers from just the first year are very encouraging, though, and illustrate what a valuable market Microsoft has to offer developers.

There are many benefits for developers when choosing to create apps for Windows 10. For starters, the Universal Windows Platform enables developers to write the code once and leverage across a range of Windows-based platforms and devices, including Xbox One. According to Microsoft, the Windows 10 opportunity translates to double the engagement and four times the revenue per user compared to Windows 8. With more than 300 million Windows 10 devices, that is a significant opportunity for developers to cash in on.

Check out the full story on Forbes: Microsoft Shares Numbers On Staggering Success Of Windows Store.

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