Only One Week Left to Get Windows 10 for Free

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet? Why not? What are you waiting for? There is only one week left until the free upgrade period expires–after which you will end up paying for something that Microsoft has been offering, pushing, and begging you to take for free for a year.

Ten days and counting. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, that is all the time you have left.

As I noted back in November of 2015—in my opinion it’s just foolish not to upgrade to Windows 10.

Ironically, many of the people who have not yet upgraded to Windows 10 are also part of the “Microsoft is just trying to squeeze more money out of me” camp of conspiracy theorists. They’ll probably also still be first in line to complain about whatever price Microsoft decides to charge for Windows 10 once the exceedingly generous year of free upgrade eligibility expires. Go figure.

There have been a wide variety of justifications given for rejecting the free upgrade. Users love Windows 7—and for good reason. Windows 7 is a phenomenal operating system. If you like Windows 7, though, and you want to continue using the same software you’re already used to, you should still upgrade to Windows 10. As I noted in November:

The Windows 10 desktop and the way applications run in Windows 10 is very similar—almost identical in most cases—to the Windows 7 experience. The Start button is different by default, but even that can be customized to look and feel essentially like what you already have in Windows 7. Windows 10 also includes a variety of performance and security enhancements that make it better than Windows 7.

I’ve also frequently heard objections about not wanting a “tablet” operating system on a traditional PC. I get that—sort of—if we’re talking about Windows 8. By Windows 8.1 that argument was less valid, and with Windows 10 it’s just silly, really. If you don’t want your PC to be a tablet, that’s fine. It is completely up to you whether or not you use the tablet-esque features of Windows 10, or just use your Windows 10 as a more current version of Windows 7.

You can check out the full article on Forbes: Clock Is Winding Down On Free Windows 10.

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