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What Futuristic Tech Will You See in Your Lifetime?

We have seen great leaps in futuristic technology recently, but over the next few decades technology is set to shape the world in ways we can’t even comprehend. It’s set to revolutionize the way we live and work.

The role technology plays in our lives is quickly growing. Modern technology has already advanced to the point where we can control our TV’s, thermostats and even our lights from our smartphones but that’s just the beginning….

Technology is set to reach a level of personalization that will enhance every moment of our lives. We are entering a time of significant shifts in society brought on by advancements in technology. Devices will not just be worn, but also implanted into bodies, serving behavior monitoring, and health functions.

Inventions and futuristic technology previously seen only in science fiction films, such as artificial intelligence, connected devices and 3D printing, will enable us to connect in ways we never have before. Wearable and implantable technologies will enhance people’s digital presence, allowing them to interact with objects and one another in new ways and 3D printing will allow for printing products at home and creating a whole set of human health opportunities.

These are just some of the incredible inventions and innovations that are to come. Now take a quick journey into the future to discover the technology that will become a reality in your lifetime.

Interactive infographic created by RS Components.

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