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Continue Using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Your Own Risk

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dangerous. There are numerous reports of the battery overheating or exploding, resulting in damage or injury, which is why Samsung issued a global recall program for the device nearly two weeks ago. If you continue using the Note 7 despite the global recall, you do so at your own risk and can’t really blame Samsung when it burns your house to the ground–or worse.

Samsung’s latest flagship mobile device has had some serious issues. In the wake of reports that the batteries in some Galaxy Note 7 devices were exploding or catching fire, Samsung issued a global recall. Despite the relatively quick response from Samsung, however, there continue to be injuries and damages resulting from defective Note 7 devices. Is Samsung still responsible, though?

On Friday there was a story of a Florida man’s Jeep consumed in flames from an overheating Note 7 left charging in the vehicle. Today, there are reports of a 6-year old boy in New York who suffered burns after the Note 7 device he was holding overheated and exploded.

But, Samsung issued the recall almost two weeks ago. Samsung obviously bears responsibility for the initial manufacturing and selling of defective devices that caused harm and/or injury. However, once Samsung acknowledged the problem and issued the global recall—working with mobile providers to initiate trade-in programs to allow Note 7 owners to turn in the devices, it seems to me that the burden shifts to the Note 7 owner. Those that ignore the recall notice for whatever reason and continue using the device assume the risk.

From a purely PR perspective, Samsung still has some responsibility to be sympathetic and to continue to respond to and address ongoing incidents related to the defective Note 7s, but from a financial or legal perspective Samsung should be off the hook. The recall exchange program notice stresses, “We strongly advise all customers to use this exchange program because your safety is our top priority. Additional sales and shipments of the affected devices have been stopped, but if you already have a Galaxy Note7, we strongly advise that you replace it.”

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  1. I took my Note7 in to 2 Verizon stores to exchange it for the J Series phone. Both stores said they did not have any and that I should be ok to continue use of my Note7.
    After both interations, I went to both Samsung and Verizon support, but I got no where…many other users are having the same problem. Are we still at fault if the phone explodes after being turned away at the store?

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