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Versus 16 Explores What’s Worse: Insider Threats, Rogue Apps, or Hackers?

It seems like corporate networks and data are under siege from all angles. Security professionals need to defend against a vast threat landscape that includes external hackers, rogue apps, and insider attacks–both intentional and inadvertent. With limited resources to work with, it’s important to prioritize based on which threats pose the greatest risk—but you first you have to be able to answer that question. A panel of experts will explore this issue on November 17 at Versus 16.

Vera Security is hosting Versus 16 in cooperation with a number of partners, including Illumio, Okta, Skyhigh, Dropbox, and Menlo Security. Versus is a unique, one-day security event that is designed to spark debate and open discussion rather than just presenting lectures from experts. In other words, Versus is more about the questions than the answers, and starting a broader dialogue that can hopefully lead to more innovative solutions.


So, what’s worse? The FBI seizing 50 terabytes of classified information from a former NSA contractor, hackers launching a massive DDoS attack on the Syn DNS service or all of the unknown rogue apps with sensitive corporate data that employees are using right under the nose of IT?

There is no right or wrong answer per se. The reality is that it will vary from one company to the next, or even from one incident to the next. At Versus 16, though, a panel comprised of Kaushik Narayan, CTO and Co-founder of Skyhigh Networks, Nick Bilogorskiy, Sr. Director of Threat Operations at Cyphort, Amir Ben-Efraim, CEO and Co-founder of Menlo Security, and Owen Falkowitz, CEO and Co-Founder, Area 1 Security will discuss this topic and try to help you figure out what the answer is for you.

You can learn more about Versus 16, view the full agenda and register to attend at

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