DevOps Competitive Advantage

DevOps Done Right Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Have you embraced DevOps? If not, you’re falling behind. DevOps is no longer just a niche concept for cutting edge startups–it’s a business imperative. A successful implementation of DevOps culture, practices and tools gives you a competitive advantage. Ignoring DevOps just leaves you in the dust behind your competitors that have embraced it.

DevOps has attained mainstream status. It is no longer a cutting-edge concept that only startups and progressive companies embrace—it’s a business imperative that delivers a significant competitive edge. If you want evidence of the impact of DevOps, take a look at the 2016 State of DevOps report.

But what is it about DevOps that gives companies a strategic advantage over competitors?

“A DevOps approach enables companies to respond much more quickly to customer needs, competitive pressures and realize faster time to innovation,” says Sacha Labourey, CEO of Cloudbees. “Because DevOps is all about a culture of shared goals, and processes that accelerate software delivery through smaller, incremental releases, issued more frequently.”

However, Labourey cautions that DevOps doesn’t work to its full ability if the entire company is not on board. There needs to be strong communication and internal education within an organization to successfully implement a DevOps culture. You have to educate staff at all levels in the enterprise of the cultural and structural shift. Essentially, you have to break down barriers and get teams working together that haven’t typically worked together before. In fact, you need teams that may have been at war before, to now work together.

Struggles between teams often are driven by opposing goals and measures of success. DevOps empowers teams and individuals to work together and collaborate toward common goals more effectively. It’s a synergy that fosters cooperation rather than conflict.

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