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Microsoft Makes the Best 2-in-1 Even Better with New Surface Pro

Microsoft just unveiled a new and improved Surface Pro. I’ve been using a Surface Book as my primary computing device for a while now, and I love it. However, there are unique advantages to the Surface Pro. In my opinion the Surface Pro defines what a 2-in-1 device should be, and provides a balance of power, versatility and price that set it apart as the best bang for the buck.

At an event in Shanghai, China today, Microsoft announced a new and improved Surface Pro. Following closely on the heels of the Surface Laptop unveiling, the new Surface Pro rounds out the triad of portable Surface devices. Although each of the portable Surface devices bring unique pros and cons to the table, the new Surface Pro stands out in terms of bang for the buck, and is the true crown jewel of the Surface brand.

The new Surface Pro is pretty much identical to its predecessor from the outside. Under the hood, though, Microsoft has made a number of significant improvements. The new Surface Pro is faster than the previous models. It comes with 7th-generation Intel Core processors—either the m3, i5 or i7 depending on the model you choose. A fan-less design makes this the quietest Surface yet, and Microsoft has managed to improve battery performance by 50 percent—resulting in 13.5 hour battery life.

I spoke with Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate VP of the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft, about this new Surface Pro. Mehdi stressed that the new device delivers on Microsoft’s core mission—to enable everyone to achieve more. Taking things a step further, he said Microsoft is striving to reinvent productivity.

Mehdi walked me through the new and improved features of the Surface Pro. He pointed out that it harnesses what Microsoft has developed so far with the Surface Pro line—including the same iconic look and kickstand. Mehdi also talked about how that foundation has evolved with a design that has more rounded edges, and delivers exceptional battery life with less noise.

The new Surface Pro—like the Surface Studio and the most recent Windows 10 update—focuses a lot on creativity. Microsoft has extended the range of the kickstand so the Surface Pro can lay flatter. The Surface Dial can be used directly on the Surface Pro display like the Surface Studio. Microsoft has also significantly improved the capabilities of the Surface Pen—with reduced latency, a wider range of angle for tilt, and double the pressure sensitivity. The new Surface Pen is also a central element in upcoming features for the Office productivity suite.

Read the full story on Forbes: New Surface Pro Is The True Crown Jewel Of The Surface Line.

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