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Review: Jisoncase Leather Slim Fit iPhone Case

Smartphone cases are a very subjective thing. Choosing a case is part utility—you want something that will protect your device to some extent, and part creativity or personality—you want a case that looks good to you and that shows the world this is your smartphone.

If you’ve been reading TechSpective for a while, you know that I am not really a fan of cases at all. However, I do reluctantly use one most of the time because, ultimately, I dislike cases less than I dislike having to spend $100-plus to have a cracked display replaced.

This is my review of a case I’ve been using recently: the Jisoncase leather slim fit iPhone case.


The Jisoncase leather slim fit case for the iPhone 7 is just over 5.5 inches tall, about 2.75 inches wide, and 0.37 inches thick. While the case hugs the iPhone closely on all sides, it does offer a very tiny lip on the face. So, if you set the iPhone down on the display side, or drop it and it lands on the display side, you have a little protection to shield the display from scratches or impact.

It is made from genuine leather. The leather has a vintage style, and is exceptionally durable. It also feels good in your hand—comfortable and secure.


The case snaps on snugly, but is also simple to snap off. Unlike some bulkier cases, this one doesn’t need to be disassembled to be removed. It adds virtually zero additional bulk or weight to the iPhone.

The bottom of the case is open, which is awesome. That means that the lightning port and speaker are easily accessible. Many cases I have used just have holes on the bottom where those ports are, and third-party lightning cables frequently don’t work. The open design gives you easy access without sacrificing the fit and protection of the case.

My Experience

There isn’t much I can say here. My experience is that the case is on my iPhone and my iPhone hasn’t gotten broken. To be fair, I also haven’t really dropped it or anything.

Pressing the buttons that are covered in leather took a little getting used to. It required a more conscious effort when I first started using the case. Eventually, though, I got used to it and now I don’t have to think about it.

The rocker switch to mute the device is a little difficult for me to access. That’s a good thing from the perspective that the switch isn’t getting accidentally turned on or off, but when I actually want to mute the iPhone—like while I am at a movie—I have to use a key or try to wiggle my finger in there.

The Verdict

As I said in the beginning, cases are subjective. Some people want a tank that can protect their smartphone against virtually any catastrophe. I lean toward the minimalist side of things—I want a case that makes it seem like you’re not using a case at all, but still offers some protection. In my book, the Jisoncase leather slim fit iPhone case is basically perfect.

If you want a quality case that fits snugly and adds barely any additional thickness to your iPhone, this is the case for you. At $19, this case is a bargain that I highly recommend.

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