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Oversaturation of the Market Means AI is Crucial for Media Businesses

Media companies are facing a problem. Widespread access to the internet, coupled with an oversaturated market, has made it so that few companies have what can be described as a competitive edge anymore.

Artificial intelligence (AI) gives these organizations the chance to get that edge back. Customers have too much content to sift through now. AI solutions will ensure customers are exposed to the content that’s most relevant to their interests and needs.

How AI Helps Media Companies Track Customer Habits

Everyone consumes content in their own unique way. Some people check the exact same websites every morning. Some check one website or publication on Sunday, another on Monday, yet another on Tuesday, etc. There are people who tend to find content by searching for it directly. There are others still who find content when it’s delivered via social media.

Thanks to innovations like machine learning, AI can efficiently analyze the behavior of individuals to help media companies learn more about their habits. This makes it easier to ensure that content is delivered to each customer via the most effective medium, at a time when they’re most likely to consume it.

Even media organizations that excel at generating content their customers find relevant may still fail if they can’t find ways to promote it in a context that matches their customers’ general behavior. AI is allowing companies to not only learn what types of content people want, but also how they want to find out about it. In fact, it may also help develop unique content for specific audiences.

Chatbots Will Help

Machine learning isn’t the only AI tech media companies will benefit from. Chatbots will offer an ever-greater degree of personalization for customers. A media company could partner with a chatbot agency to build a tool that helps each individual audience member find content that’s most directly related to their interests. By offering a chatbot via social media, they could even directly suggest content to specific customers in real-time.

Maybe a website publishes an article that would be especially interesting to certain people. Its chatbot could contact those who are using Facebook moments after publication, letting them know instantaneously about the content.

What Media Companies Can Do Now

Virtually all major media organizations have substantially invested in social media over the past decade. Doing so certainly helps spread brand awareness, but social media alone doesn’t help these publications get a very clear idea of who exactly is consuming their content.

These organizations should shift their focus to AI investments. That means looking into how they can use data analysis to learn more about their customers, as well as how they can use chatbots to reach them on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, running a media company doesn’t exactly give someone a lot of expertise in AI. Working with professionals is the best option for utilizing AI tools. These brands should contact experts who already understand the potential of this technology, so they can leverage it to their benefit.
The media industry is beginning to adopt AI. The publications that use it most effectively will be those who coordinate with experienced specialists.

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