Review: BedJet V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System

Today I am reviewing the BedJet. It is a comfort system that provides cooling and heating to manage the climate for your bed. The BedJet and I have a love / hate relationship so far.

This product is not an air conditioning unit–it does not have coolant so it does not produce cold air. What it does is take the air from the coolest part of your room–the floor, because heat rises–and then routes it into your bed.

You have a few ways to use this. You can just have the hose part go under your existing sheets, but then you have the air blowing on your feet area and when I did this my feet were freezing while the rest of my body was hot.  They also sell some special sheets with an air pocket that it blows the cold air into. This is the only way to go if you’re going to get one of these machines. The problem is the sheet doesn’t attach to the machine very well. So with the slightest movement it comes right off.


It is designed very well. It will tuck underneath your bed so it is not seen by anyone. Now, if you have a bed like mine where it cannot go under the bed then they have a nice stand that holds it upright against the bed. While it’s in view it is not bad looking and, really, let’s be honest–who goes into your room but you and your spouse anyway?


It makes a little sound but not too much. The BedJet will not disrupt your “Netflix and Chill” time. As a bonus, it provides some ambient white noise that might actually help some people sleep better.


So, this is where that love /hate relationship comes in. This is where I hate it. After only a month of usage the product totally went out.  They quickly sent me a replacement, but that was received DOA (dead on arrival). I hooked it up and a light would just blink but would not turn on. They again very quickly sent me a new replacement.

When I say quickly–they themselves got it out quickly, but used like the slowest shipping method so it took a week to actually get here. For what you pay for it, BedJet should provide next day air or at least 2-day warranty service.  The third time’s a charm I hope. This one has been running a little over a month and has not gone out on me again yet (knock on wood).

The second thing that bugs me–which isn’t really about “durability”–is the sheet detaching issue I mentioned above. BedJet should have some way to better secure the sheets to the machine.

Two Person

BedJet offers a dual zone system so each person in a shared bed can customize their own climate preferences, but it actually uses two separate BedJet units–one for each side of the bed. The sheet they sell has two separate chambers and two entry points, but the BedJet units are single zone, so each side needs its own machine. It would be so much better if one machine supported two people and was able to cool one person and heat the other.


You can get a single V2 BedJet unit for under $300, but the BedJet V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System will set you back $689–and that’s on sale.

It’s important to get adequate sleep and having a bed that is exactly the temperature you want can certainly help with that. However, it is not a cheap solution, and because I had to get three machines to get one that works reliably, and the issues with the sheets coming off constantly, I am going to give this 7.5 stars–a solid “C” grade.

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