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Improve Customer Experience to Make a Successful SaaS System

Having a good customer support system is important for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business. It will place your business ahead of your competition more than pricing. In fact, customers are more likely to pay 25 percent more for an enhanced customer experience.

That being said, let’s look at some of the best practices used to make a successful live chat for SaaS. Knowing them will help your company deliver value, which in turn, will retain more customers.

Use Behavior Transcripts

Don’t just this a random message to your visitors: “Any questions?”

While this is better than nothing, it doesn’t build a comfortable experience for the customer. To make more in-depth conversations with visitors and potential clients, you should use behavior triggers.

Behavior triggers help by giving targeted messages to your potential customers based on the pages that they visited. For instance, if a visitor is on the pricing page for more than 90 seconds, ask them the following question “Thank you for looking at your pricing! Do you have any additional questions about the services we offer?

Imagine if your visitors have a hard time looking for the best pricing plan or they’re seeking testimonials from other businesses. Does your live chat for SaaS help your visitors make the right decisions? Best of all, the visitor will use this information without the need for a support ticket or being placed on hold for longer time periods.

Add a Chat Button to Your Email

Once you launch your live chat for SaaS for visitors. In fact, you should utilize this and expand this service to your subscribers.


Just add a “Chat Now” button to the email signature. Also, it will give your visitors more encouragement to create a conversation about the SaaS of your website. In addition, it allows customers receive quick feedback on previous questions stated in their email.

Use Live Chat

Anytime your chat agent receives “chatter,” you should allow for the system to engage with your Facebook page and give it a comment once the chat is over. This is as easy as asking “Hi, (first name) did you find this live chat session helpful? You did? Great! Could you help us by visiting our Facebook page and giving us a comment on there once we’re finished here? Thank you! We really appreciate it!”

Doing this will lead to more social proof and followers to your current social media presence.

Make a Simple Support Widget

Truth be told, your customers will be frustrated if they are unable to use the software effectively because it’s too difficult of the functionality isn’t working properly. Or it could be that one of the customers found a bug on your page.

You shouldn’t add to their problems by making it hard for them to find your widget or support link. If you think this isn’t the main factor, look at brands that are missing them. Make sure that your support link is easy to find on the SaaS website. If you want the best feedback from users, then you should make this a priority.


Your live chat for SaaS will have to adapt to the needs of your visitors. Their satisfaction is your main priority. Because only your happy customers will return to do business with you, refer more customers your way, and stick to your brand.

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