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Improve the Mobile Experience with AI and Blockchain

It’s important for business of all shapes and sizes and across all industries to keep up with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are two such technologies.

One company that understands this very well is Hyperlink InfoSystem—a large app development company with a long list of clients from countries all around the world. Harnil Orza, the CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem says, “We’re going to connect the lives of people in the world by implementing AI and Blockchain technologies. We’ve devised a massive plan to build apps within AI and blockchain frameworks.”

Future conversations and transactions are going to be different. Innovative technologies like blockchain and AI have the potential to fundamentally change our way of life and how we design and use mobile technology.

How is Artificial Intelligence Affecting Mobile App Development?

Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are changing app development in historic ways. As the demand for AI increases, app developers who have a comprehensive understanding of machine learning have a higher chance of getting hired due to the increasing demand.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, app developers have the opportunity to create innovative code more frequently with the flexibility of AI.

With blockchain technology, users can deploy apps faster and not have to follow the rules of strict app platforms (Google Play Store, Apple Store). Blockchain-based platforms such as Ethereum are de-centralized, and provide the ability to place your app directly on their servers.

Machine learning does a lot more for brand awareness and helps promote sales. Plus, it helps companies make their customers’ lives easier while helping them stay informed. By knowing how users behave, artificial intelligence can detect irregular behavior and help diagnose problems quickly.

Increased Value to Customers

By having a good mobile development company on your app, you can increase the value to the people using it. A company that specializes in app development will develop the app to meet the needs of your consumers, which generally leads to more positive reviews and sales.

One way to generate momentum and positive feedback is by designing a loyalty program within your app. The more customers interact, and purchase products from your business, the more loyalty points they earn. The accumulated points can then be exchanged for more discounts on products that they already know they want.

A prime example of this is Starbucks. Starbucks uses their smartphone apps to their advantage by giving rewards to their exclusive subscribers. This motivates the customers to buy coffee from the company. Starbucks is also ahead of the curve by allowing their users to pay within the app, which speeds up the entire transaction process.

Create a Stronger Brand

One of the biggest reasons why people hire mobile development companies is to help improve their brand. The more your audience can trust you, the higher the chance they will commit to your brand and pay attention to future pitches from your company.

The same way distributing magnets, calendars, or other brand memorabilia that has your company logo on it has served as a form of advertisement in the past, mobile apps educate your customers and strengthen your brand.

Boost Profits

Once customer satisfaction increases, sales start to increase as a result. Consumer demand will increase, meaning that your product is more valuable and sought out by the general product. By investing in a good mobile development company, you’ll have a streamlined app system that can get your customers buying your products faster.


I believe that working with a mobile development company will help make your app be more appealing to your audience. And with companies like Hyperlinks InfoSystem embracing AI and blockchain technology, we can see businesses make more moves to improve our lives in the future.

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