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John Kinsella Chats about the Challenges of Securing Containers

Inner Circle Podcast Episode 016

John Kinsella–co-founder and head of product for Layered Insight–is my guest for this episode of the Inner Circle podcast. Layered Insight is focused on container security, so that is a primary focus of our discussion, but we also diverge into a number of interesting tangents.

Containers are hot. Since Docker skyrocketed onto the scene, organizations have been eagerly adopting container technology and changing the way applications are developed and deployed to take advantage of the benefits of containers. And–as seems to happen with every hot technology no matter how much we know better–security was more or less an afterthought.

Layered Insight

That is why there’s been a diverse array of innovative tools and technologies developed to secure and protect containers and the apps and data they contain. John and I talk about some of the pros and cons of different approaches, and how he and the engineers at Layered Insight have approached the issue.

Along the way, we also manage to talk about how we have worked in and around security for two decades, and how technology has changed–as well as some of the ways it hasn’t. That conversation leads to interesting threads on the noise and heat generated by computers, Mac vs. Windows, MacBook Air vs. Surface Pro, the benefits of syncing data with OneDrive, and other fun tech topics.

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