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6 Creative Ways to Promote Your Website and Increase Traffic

So, your website is all set with great quality content and smooth navigation and is ready to be launched. But, as your website owner have you thought of how will increase the reach of your webpage? Without traffic on your webpage, the entire effort and purpose of launching your website will be lost somewhere.

Let us help you with some of the creative ways to promote your newly launched website and increase traffic. The basics of launching a new webpage start with the hosting providers. These companies provide the launching pad, and they can offer you a host of services.

1. Use social media channels

Social media has entirely changed the scenario of internet marketing. One of the most convenient and effective tasks of communicating with the customers can be achieved by opening social media accounts. If you can use this media effectively, you will be able to craft associates with a large base of customers, and it will provide you with instantaneous effects as a result of direct communication with your prospective connections. You can post link and images of your web contents and initiate discussions. This will not only generate traffic to your webpage, but it can also grab the interest of the customers. Companies nowadays hire social media experts as they have realized that this media is the game changer in today’s world.

2. Create landing pages specific to your offers

A landing page is the first page that pops up when you click on the result derived from your search. However, do not mistake the home page as the landing page as each page on your website has a purpose and can be landing page depending on the information that the user seeks. So, the landing page of the website should be specific to your offers. Each webpage should be in sync with each other speak about your company as a brand unanimously. When the users click on the links that you share on your social media, the landing page should be intuitive enough to extract information about the visitors through various contests, feedback forms, or discussion forums.

3. Focus on Quality Content

While it is important to make a wise choice from amongst the swarm of hosting providers, it is vital to ensure that your webpage is rich in content. The content needs to be informative, interesting, SEO focused, crisp and not too long. It is content that will help you to feature your website in the search engine’s list. To optimizing your content for search engines, you can add meta information to the content. Since this information is the first thing that comes to the notice of the readers, make this informative and fresh to enhance your web-traffic.

4. Blogs

A blog is another important channel of gaining attention. You can post articles pertaining to your products and services while enlightening the customers about various other aspects that are indirectly related to your company. Informative articles not only builds the trust of the readers but also increase the chance of converting prospective customers into actual customers. Encourage guest writer in your blog or write guest posts in corresponding businesses blogs, whose audience might be pertinent to your business.

5. Engage Online

Take active participation in forums and discussions that are important or related to your business. If you want to be known in your industry, it is important to increase your online presence. Initiate discussions, post questions, give solutions and educate about the industry trends. The more you can gain the interest of the readers, the better will be the publicity of your profile and thus your business. An ideal marketing tactic is to initiate a discussion that will encourage the reader to lead to your website. However, do not overdo as this kind of marketing must be subtle.

6. Host Webinars

Webinars are a unique form of increasing traffic. Besides this these also help in gathering information about the participants who can be later converted to customers. If your service permits, you can also introduce your service and products through these seminars in forms of gifts.

Along with the above-mentioned ways, make your website user-friendly and impactful to increase the number of repeat users as these have the higher propensity of becoming future customers. Also, select the service of hosting providers depending on the budget and need.

9 thoughts on “6 Creative Ways to Promote Your Website and Increase Traffic”

  1. Nice tips! I think for a starter, blog and social media is the best way to get increase traffic. It also helped us to grow our company’s traffic.

  2. You can also hire a content writer. The role of content is often underestimated. Sometimes business owners delegate the task of content writing to the person who is not a professional writer. And as a result, get the low conversion rate.

    Content specialist or content writer accomplishes all text-related tasks. This person writes descriptions for products or services, articles to your blog and so forth. They collaborate with SEO specialist to optimize text for search engines. The main duty of this team member is to write easy-to-read copies tailored to your business needs and optimized for searching engines.

  3. I used these tips and they are too good. I used these tips in promoting my website and it really works for me. now I keep these points in my mind forever and try to work with these tips.

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