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Time for New Resolutions! Adopt a Happier and Healthier Life In 2019

New Year is around the corner and we know that this is the best time to make resolutions. You have been lazy and careless all year but gear up now and start putting some ideas down your bucket as to how you can make your daily routine healthier and stress-free. It is a proven fact that living a happy life adds many years to your life. Why not try to look at yourself if there is any rationality in this? Don’t start burdening yourself with unnecessary and over exercising, over dieting or over anything. Start with baby steps and start making changes in your daily activities and following them on a regular basis would definitely start bringing a healthy change in your life. Let’s look at some of the ways to start leading a happier and healthier life in 2019.

Practice Mindful Eating

In this fast-paced world, you hardly get any time to even sit down properly and eat your meal in a full way. Sometimes, there are distractions created by your boss over the next day’s meeting that you need to attend, or sometimes your favorite show is being telecasted that you simply can’t miss. Also, in the hurry to finish off the food, you tend to forget to even chew! Well, change it right away. It is doing more harm to your body than anything else. Take a break from everything for at least half an hour while having your food and relish it. Start incorporating more vegetables in your diet and eat in smaller portions. You are sure to see positive changes in just a week!

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

In the modern world of tough competition, there is hardly any time left for you to ponder upon yourself for even few minutes. If you are working, all your day is spent in the offices striving to make things perfect and on the spot. If you are a student, there is a different story altogether as there is no measure to denote that how many hours you are going to allow studying your subjects. To relieve stress due to all these daily chores, make sure to take some time out, even few minutes, and start listing the points in a notebook that what all you are grateful for. This way, you’ll feel much more positive and active towards your work or studies.

Meal Preparation Every Sunday

Once in a while, you must involve yourself in something that interests you but you don’t get the time due to the other important commitments. For instance, start cooking your meal on Sunday and you should also do it for all your friends and family members. It’s a great way to chill out on a cozy Sunday afternoon and spend quality time with your loved ones while listening to appreciations for your cooking at the same time!

Balance Your Blood Pressure

Most of the diseases today are related to misbalanced blood pressure that can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Most prominent among them are stress, improper eating habits and lack of exercise. Stay active and be happy around your loved ones. Visit your family doctor for regular check-ups on a daily basis. Enter the New Year with normal blood pressure levels and make sure to retain it after that for the times to come.

Be Open Minded to a Positive Lifestyle

Your brain works in amazing ways to make your life much happier. It is all about the hormones. If you are continuously following an ill habit such as irregular food intake, unnecessary stress, and carelessness towards your fitness, you are bound to adversely affect your health. You can change the way you live but you certainly can make a few positive improvisations here and there to make your daily routine free from unwanted stress and irrelevant events in general. Remember that life will put many obstacles on your path, follow a positive attitude while dealing with them and you are sure to come out successful.

Say No to Smoking

This is not hidden to anyone that how much smoking can harm than how much it satisfies your tobacco needs. Nowadays, cases of mouth cancer, lung cancer, and neck cancer are on the high than ever before. Why enter 2019 with such a harmful habit that can turn out to be really dangerous for you and your loved ones. Do not even waste time and wait till New Year. You must start practicing to stop smoking from today so that when you enter 2019, you can do so in a much healthier way. There are multiple alternatives to smoking today. First, you can opt for a nicotine patch that shall continue to induce nicotine into your body while offering a relatively lower risk profile than smoking. Second you may also opt for vaping wherewith you can quit smoking with the help of an e-cigarette that comparatively reduces the harmful consequences of smoking. There is a vast plethora of options available. All you need to do is make your mind to drop the habit.

Stay Physically Active

Most importantly to stay happy and healthy, you must stay fit and this requires integrating a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a positive attitude. Enter the New Year with the resolution to start walking for at least 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening every day, eat as many veggies as possible and drink lots of water. Ditch most the unhealthy habits and start making small goals on a weekly basis. Once you accomplish the tasks, start increasing the timelines and over the period of time, you will feel and see some very amazing positive results, both in your physique and attitude.

Start with inculcating these above-mentioned activities in your daily routine and see the positive results for yourself. Remember that enhancing your happiness and health for tomorrow start with making preparations for it from today. We wish you a very happy and healthy New Year 2019 in advance and hope that you stay fit, happy and cheerful in the New Year and follow all your resolutions in a disciplined way.

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