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Kamal Shah Talks about Cybersecurity across the Container Lifecycle

Inner Circle Podcast Episode 019

Cybersecurity is generally an all or nothing game. Attackers are adept at finding and exploiting the weak link, so letting your guard down in any area is unwise. Kamal Shah, CEO of StackRox, joins me for this episode of the Inner Circle Podcast and we discuss the importance of protecting applications and data in containers, and why that means ensuring that you have secured all three phases of the container lifecycle: Build, Deploy, and Run.

There are container security solutions that focus on scanning container images to identify vulnerabilities before they’re deployed. There are also container security tools to scan and detect vulnerabilities or configuration issues during deployment, and container security tools to monitor containers in real-time while they’re in use. Each of these is a valid approach for container security, but each phase of the container lifecycle has unique issues and security concerns, and they are all part of a continuously self-perpetuating cycle. You can’t have comprehensive container security without protecting the entire container lifecycle.


Shah talks about some of the challenges organizations face trying to maintain visibility and provide security for a dynamic, rapidly-changing environment like a container ecosystem. If your organization is developing and deploying apps using container technology, you should listen to this episode to gain insight on how to effectively secure apps and protect data in your container ecosystem.

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