Bosch SHP865WF5N Dishwasher

Review: Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher

Unfortunately, this won’t be very pretty. Let me share my experience with a Bosch 500 Series (SHP865WF5N) dishwasher and the struggles I’ve had with Bosch Customer Service.

Back on November 15, 2018, I bought a brand new Bosch 500 Series stainless steel dishwasher to replace my GE Dishwasher that came with my house. After 8 years of service, it finally went out of commission.

I got the dishwasher home and after maybe a week it just stopped working. I contacted Bosch Customer Service. They sent out a local appliance repair contractor who told me the whole unit needed to be replaced. He submitted his report and recommendation to Bosch who approved it–but it takes 7-15 business days to get a replacement dishwasher shipped.

Eventually, the replacement dishwasher was delivered and installed. Yay! Unfortunately, it only worked for about three weeks–if I estimate generously. Then it started to have an issue where the water would not drain from the bottom.

One appliance repair company came out 4 times, but was unable to find the issue. A different contractor was brought in, and came to my house 3 more times. They replaced the control board, and the motor and it still did not resolve the issue. After the 3rd time, they claimed there was nothing else that could be done, so they refused to come out. They advised me to contact Bosch for a replacement dishwasher. Again.

So I did just that. But, this time because of the hassle and frustration I’d experience so far, I asked for a different model. It also didn’t help anything that after only a few weeks, I couldn’t even find this specific model on the Bosch website anymore–which suggests there may be a known issue with this model.

Bosch approved the switch to the new model I requested, but want to charge me $100 + tax (They called it an “Upgrade Fee”) for the new one since I have a 500 Series and the new one is an 800 series. Well, how about if I charge a “Frustration and Mental Anguish Fee” for each day I had to take time off of work for an appliance repair technician to come out to my home. Bosch can take that $100 + tax “Upgrade Fee” out of the $1,300-plus they owe me for my time.

Based on the defective product(s), the number of repair / replacement trips and total time involved, and the lack of effective or empathetic customer service, I have to give the Bosch dishwasher a 2 out of 10. It looks nice and it worked pretty good in the short period where it was actually functional. This is not an appliance I would recommend.

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