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Michael Farnum Chats about ICS Security

Inner Circle Podcast Episode 037

My friend Michael Farnum is my guest for this episode of the Inner Circle podcast for an insightful discussion on increased threats against industrial control systems (ICS) and the need for ICS security. Michael and I have known each other for years after meeting at a Security Blogger’s Meetup at RSA many years ago. We both live in the Houston area, and every once in awhile the Venn diagram of our kids’ extracurricular activities overlap and we run into one another.

Farnum and I worked together for a short time while we were both at Alert Logic. I’m still at Alert Logic by day, but Farnum’s knowledge and skills could not be contained within the world of marketing and he left for Set Solutions where he could get back in the trenches and work directly with customers solving cybersecurity challenges.

On this episode of the Inner Circle podcast we talk about cybersecurity for industrial control systems. ICS security is a significant challenge–especially in the Houston area with all of the companies in the oil and gas industry–and it’s a primary focus for Farnum lately at Set Solutions.

We also talk about the Houston Security Conference. Michael is a co-founder of the event and one of the chief conference organizers. He has hosted the Houston Security Conference for over a decade now, and it continues to grow–both in terms of attendance and in terms of its prestige. I had the privilege of presenting a session at the 2019 Houston Security Conference. My session differed from the cybersecurity advice and insight and focused on the cybersecurity industry through a marketing and journalism lens.

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