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Qualys Cloud Agent Is Now Just One Click Away on Google Cloud Platform

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Qualys announced today that it has partnered with Google to integrate the Qualys Cloud Agent with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google Cloud Platform customers can take advantage of Qualys security and compliance with just one click.

Google Cloud Platform

The partnership is a win-win-win for Google, Qualys, and customers of both. Google knows the cloud, and Qualys knows cloud security.

Google Cloud Platform customers can leverage seamless integration with the Qualys Cloud Agent. The Qualys Cloud Agent is as powerful as it is simple—a single agent that provides for one-click vulnerability assessment, as well as a broad suite of cloud-based security and compliance solutions from Qualys. There is just the single agent, so there is almost no software to install or maintain.

Organizations can use GCP APIs to automate and orchestrate the installation of the Qualys Cloud Agent into Linux and Windows workloads as part of their DevOps processes. The ability to integrate the Qualys Cloud Agent deployment seamlessly with the CI/CD pipeline means immediate visibility without the need to manually install agents.

Vulnerability findings from the Qualys Cloud Agent are automatically available in the GCP Security Command Center (SCC). Cloud administrators have direct visibility into the security posture of their cloud assets.

Comprehensive Protection for Hybrid Cloud

The findings are also available centrally in the Qualys Cloud Platform—providing comprehensive visibility of the broader environment and enabling organizations to manage their cybersecurity effectively through a single console. The Qualys Cloud Platform allows IT security teams to monitor and report on cybersecurity across the enterprise—aggregating and correlating data from multiple cloud accounts, different cloud providers or platforms, and even on-premise networks and local user endpoints.

“With built-in integration in GCP, customers can now gain full visibility and establish consistent security policies across their entire hybrid environment (cloud, on-premises, endpoint, mobile, OT and IoT) without any software to install or maintain,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys, in a press release announcing the Google partnership. “Additionally, through GCP, customers will have access to Qualys VMDR staring in January to build a streamlined workflow to create their global IT asset inventory, continuously identify vulnerabilities across their entire environment, prioritize and remediate those vulnerabilities at a click of a mouse, drastically reducing their threat exposure.”

Qualys Cloud Agent

The Qualys Cloud Agent is immediately available to all Google Cloud Platform customers through the GCP Marketplace. It’s just one click away.

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