Quadlock smartphone case mount mounting

Review: Quad Lock Case and Mounting Solution

I received a Quad Lock case for my iPhone and a car dash mount and a bike mount, so I will be reviewing those today.

Let’s start off with looks. The case itself only comes in black. You can’t get it in red, blue, white or any other color. there are no designs. Black is the only way–so, hopefully you like black.

What I like most about the Quad Lock is the variety of different mounting solutions and how quickly you can just mount your smartphone to a car, motorcycle, bicycle, boat or whatever else–and it is secure. It is not going anywhere once it is mounted with the Quad Lock mounting mechanism.

I liked it so much that when they released their wireless charging head I immediately bought it.

The only downside I have found–which is not going to apply to everyone–is with the dash mount and living in Las Vegas. In case you’re not aware, Las Vegas is basically in a desert and it gets really hot–especially when your smartphone sits directly in the heat in the middle of summer. Within a few minutes on your dash there’s a good chance your smartphone will overheat. Obviously, if you live or work in a cooler climate this is not going to be a issue.

Another minor complaint is that there is no vent mount. Quad Lock has an adhesive mount that I thought about getting, but I really want to be able to use wireless charging. The Quad Lock wireless charging head only works with the dash and desk mount, so in the end in my car I ended up having to get a different wireless charging mount.

Quad Lock offers cases for a variety of smartphone models and many different mounting options. The iPhone 11 Pro case costs $29.99 from Amazon. Overall, I give the Quad Lock solution a 9 out of 10.

Now, a cool add-on I would like to see would be little design inserts to go into the lock area, and or a pop-socket type thing to go into the lock area when it is not actually connected to a Quad Lock mount.

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